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We are THE social media representation company specialising in food & entertainment businesses in London

Our mission is to assist our clients to claim their spots in their customers' hearts.

Our Origin Story

It begins in Istanbul, Turkey in the late 2000s when traditional media started losing its credibility. This encouraged people to take on sharing news through available channels.

The trend kept growing and came to a point where people started seeking news on Twitter even before they check traditional media outlets and use of social media increased tremendously in a short period of time. YAY! (We guess...)

With the easy accessibility of social media, people started sharing anywhere, any time and this was a major opportunity for entrepreneurs to bond with their customers better.

Now, every entity in Turkey has several active social media accounts but the trend is developing all around the world and we think London, a city full of hipster cafes, restaurants, bars and venues, shouldn't be falling behind and we are going to make sure it doesn't.

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